Saturday, December 24, 2011

Standing rear choke defense

If your caught in a standing rear-choke the best thing you can do is use your hands to try an stop it by reaching for the hand that's on the back of your head and try to pull it loose.  While doing this your free to kick backwards to the lower parts of the legs if that fails start attacking the nuts with punches.  The other things are headbutting backwards before it gets too tight and elbowing to the stomach.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Don't get in my face!

Don't ever step to anybody and get close to them you can get yourself into some serious danger so don't be silly trying to be hard stay at a distance.  If your both in each others face arguing that is a distraction someone can pull a weapon or grab you so keep aware. 

Ground Headlock Defense

If someone ever gets you in a headlock on the ground and your on top you can knee to the groin or if you have your hands free and you can reach your attackers head start punching or try to grab the neck.  If your on the bottom the only thing, i can think of is trying to bite the arm or try to reach the groin area to crush something. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jumping Attackers

There's no need to jump for any attacks that would be silly and anyone can see it coming and counter you or just move backwards.  The one thing you can look for is the beginning of the jump when they start to come off their feet then you can strike or push them. 

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Defeating The Styles

The way you defeat someone who has a  fighting style is to first study it and learn every single part of it then if you can have friends with different levels of strengths attack with it.  Each style has 1 or 2 ways of attack striking and grabbing...focus on defending single and then combination attacks.  One other thing you should do is not have your friends attack with just the moves but with the way the style tells them to. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Small JKD Tips

When throwing a jab, upper-cut or back-fist don't drop your hand try to keep your hand at the same level as your jaw.  When you use the hook don't punch far past your jaw try to bring your fist back close to your jaw.  When you throw a upper-cut throw it when your close to your opponent.  If your at close range your hooks, knees and horizontal-elbow are the best you can use. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Closest Target

This is another skill that's necessary to practice and should be combined with accuracy training.  When you train with a partner take some time to practice finding the target closes to a weapon for example kneeing to the stomach or hip, punching to the jaw or side-kicking the lead-knee of your opponent.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mind and Skills 9

Milk-jugs can make good weights but when filled with water they don't last long so sand or small rocks, I believe would be a better choice.  Bicep-curls and vertical presses are two good exercises that you can do with them.  I don't know the name of the other exercise but you bring the back of your elbow straight up without moving your forearm.

When you start practicing techniques you don't want to start fast you want to go slow so you can find the easiest way to do them then go fast and repeat the move to get use to it.  Whatever moves, skills or exercises you learn make sure you videotape or write them down or even draw them like "Bruce Lee".

Some good rap music can help you get pumped up for training but, I found out that for me it will become a distraction during training so it's probably best to keep it quite.  Before you train you have to avoid drinking a lot of liquids because from experience it was hard for me to break a sweat.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Taekwondo Flaws

Taekwondo is only good for sport the style has too many tricks in it's kicks and their no where near being good for self-defense.  If you were to remove all of the unnecessary techniques their wouldn't be much left to use.  This style is one of two styles that are used in tournaments where the rules don't allow punches to the head...if they wear head gear then why not.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some Random Stuff

When your out try to remember not to wear headphones that stop you from hearing anything else besides the music.  Make sure when your moving on your feet that you have your lower lead-leg in this position / and have your knees slightly bent.  When your in a bear-hug and you headbutt you want to jab with your head instead of hammering with it. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

A flaw in the take-down and mount

The flaw in a successful take-down like this one is that the person can hold you down and bite you and use pressure-points or allow a friend to attack while your down.  

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

JKD Reality Training

In reality you have no idea who your going to come up against so when practicing fighting spar with anyone no matter their size, style, strengths or skill level.  

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ready To Train

You know what helps me get in the mood to practice fighting watching it on video clips, watching the best videos, i can find with action and realistic fighting.  Make sure you take some time to study the fighting videos and absorb what you think works from them.  

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kicking Them When Their Down

There's nothing wrong with finishing an attacker off when he or she is down and you know if you don't then they can get up and fight you again.  It's best to not assume that the attacker is seriously done and walk away without thinking they may have a deadly weapon.  All you have to do is stomp-kick or soccer-kick the head once or twice without over doing it then run while watching your back to safety and call the cops. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The JKD Way Of Using The "Wing Chun" Dummy

The JKD way of using this is to find out all or most of what you can do with this to build up your striking and trapping skills without traditional ways.  You need to imagine it as an attacker and trap and strike it from any possible positions.  Practice attacking it from a squatting, sitting, or standing position from the left, right or front of the dummy.

Practice intercepting with footwork, trapping, striking, and combination or single attacks that flow together or you can exit somewhere then attack it.  You can even practice trapping a training partner then turning around to counter attack the dummy as if it were trying to strike you.  Remember to absorb what you think is useful from any style and not just use anything from it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


In reality theirs no jumping or spinning in fighting and if your going to use knees use them at close range the groin, thighs, and stomach are the target.  The only other time that's good to use it is when somebody tries a double-leg-take-down.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Practice any striking techniques with trapping or parries.  The strike should come at the same time as the trap or parry instead of after.  A perfect example of this type of attack is in the picture.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The JKD Way Of Using The Grappling Dummy

The "Jeet Kune Do" way is to find as many different possible ways of using it and of course grappling is one of them.  The second thing is trapping which is very useful since the dummy has arms that stick out and all you have to do is stand it up.  Parrying combined with striking techniques are also very useful...the dummy is thick so, i'm sure it can take a lot of punishment like a punching-bag. 

Mind and Skills 8

Imi Lichtenfeld is the second true fighter who was also a founder like "Bruce Lee" to create a realistic way of fighting that deals with everything which to me makes them both geniuses.  "Krav Maga" and "Jeet Kune Do" are similar to each other they both follow by the truth in fighting meaning their are no rules allowing a human being freedom to do whatever it takes when dealing with attackers.  There is no need to create anymore styles theirs enough nonsense in the ones we have now.

Nobody should attempt mixed martial arts or any grappling attacks in the streets it's too dangerous most people will not follow by rules and it is best to try an stay on your feet to defend yourself.  It is best to let the attacker come at you with the grappling offense and you use any means necessary to stop him.  Practicing traditional grappling is not completely useless you will build up your strength and skills and have a understanding on how to deal with someone with traditional skills.

A wing chun dummy being used the traditional way is good but the JKD way is much more realistic.  When using this peace of equipment you want to treat it like it's a human and counter-attack it's limbs as if it were attacking you.  There are multiple techniques you can apply to your trapping skills which are any techniques that flow together from your hands to your feet just as long as their moves that can be use on the dummy.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Speed On Heavy

A good speed workout on a heavy-bag can be done by simply doing what you do when your shadowboxing you want to throw snapping, short, quick punches.  If you hit the bag with nothing but hard strikes your only going to get power so you need to hit the bag with taps in small combinations or single strikes.  It does not matter what strikes you use just don't use the ax-kick, toe-kick or uppercut on the heavy-bag.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shadow Striker

When your shadowboxing you do not want to fully extend your arms or try to punch hard as if your using a heavy-bag you want to relax your arms and give a short snapping punch.  It's also good to do this with weights or even resistance bands.  When you practice shadow-kicks it's the same short snaps and always follow by the way your body performs not how the style tells you.  

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finger-Jab Attack

A finger-jab is a straight arm technique that strikes the eye with the longest finger and you do not need to put any of your body into it like it's a punch all you need is speed and accuracy.  Practice this technique by hanging a peace of paper with eyes drawn on it to build up accuracy.  Practice your finger-jab in combination with any strikes mostly hand techniques and defensive techniques.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Body Blows: Good or Bad

When you try to perform body-shots with punches you leave yourself open to be hit with punches and knee-strikes.  It's best to just have all of your punches target the head, shoulders and chest.  Your knees and kicks are the best to use for a low body attack. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Avoiding The Strikes

Most people know of bobbing and weaving to avoid strikes but you can also avoid strikes by simply moving in the same direction as the technique for example if someone straight punches or kicks you move backwards.  

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Low Round-House Stopped

A good defense against this attack would be a front stomp-kick to block it or you can simply use footwork and back away quickly. Don't try to use your hand to block this kick that would be very stupid and keep those hands up. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No Pain

The person that you fight may not feel pain but that doesn't mean you can't stop them with some eye jabs and swelling in their legs and arms with strikes. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Street counter for clinch

There's nothing stopping you from kneeing the other guy in the groin or kicking him in the groin.  You are also free to strike with the hands to open areas from the ribs and up plus stomp kicks to the legs to block the knee strikes.  

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hair Grab

No matter what position your in for this attack when standing a front, side or back straight-kick to the leg or groin is a good defense.  Bobbing and weaving are good for this but awareness and reaction are always the best defense against anything. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mind and Skills 7

In jkd you should use everything in the simplest way possible following by the way your body would allow you to use techniques not the way the fighting systems tells you.   Use no way as the way this means the way to fighting is within you where it has always been not these styles which have many unnecessary movements that don't allow the individual to perform at their maximum in a fight because they have in them a fanciness that does not apply in a street situation.

Jeet kune do means the way of the intercepting fist witch to me is the greatest way of attack in jkd.  Intercepting allows you to stop an opponents attack before he or she can complete it. "Bruce Lee" combined useful techniques and ways of attack from "wing chun","boxing", kicks and footwork into intercepting giving a fighter many options when performing this on an attacker using hand moves and kicks because they will get to your attacker first.

Blackjkd is just a name, i made up for my own way of fighting, i learned a lot from studying  "jeet kune do" but it’s like a lot of people haven’t because they still believe that styles of fighting hold some type of magical something in it that can deal with everything those people fail to see the flaws in these fighting systems they fail to see that they only deal with one thing unrealistic combat. If you use styles you should be in a sport were they will work.

Some practitioners in "jeet kune do" think sparring in a dojo or in a gym practicing mixed martial arts is the way you do it it's not you must leave those places because attackers will try to get you anywhere and harm you an anyway with anything so we need to learn to defend against all things violent no matter the situation.   People who have styles are the same they don’t practice fighting the real way they fight in tournaments against other fighters of the same style with rules on a mat in front of many viewers and cameras in real combat anything goes.

In "Jeet Kune Do" you learn the art of understanding knowing your body and how you perform so that you learn the truth in fighting.  With fighting styles no person will learn true fighting they will only learn limitations,fancy movements and no understanding of the true abilities that they or any other person  possesses because they're focusing on just the few exercises,techniques and skills that each style gives which also include no reality.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Headlock Technique

A headlock is never good for anybody to use from the front or the back because your always open for strikes. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

True Human Fighter

A person has to be their selfs you cannot be someone else because your lying to yourself your acting and that's not going to help anyone with their fighting skills or strengths.  "Jeet Kune Do" is the art of self-expression not doing what "Bruce Lee" did in the movies.  What "Bruce Lee" did in the movies is not what he would do in real life.

In reality what "Bruce Lee" did was absorb everything he found to be useful in the streets against any opponent regardless of their size, strengths, and skills.  It's all about what you can perform as a individual you search your body to find out if theirs another level to your skills.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Right or Wrong

The only things that, I know some people have wrong about JKD is that they think it's a style,  a mixture of different forms of martial arts, and some people think it's just Kung fu with a different name.   JKD is all about human anatomy the mind and body learning how to utilize everything that he or she has found to be necessary in combat.  The information that "Bruce Lee" put into this can work for anyone because it's all about what that individual is mentally and physically able to handle.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


In a multiple attacker fight no attacker will wait for you to finish beating on their partners before they come in to get you.  Always watch your back to make sure no one is coming up behind you.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mind and Skills 6

A person that thinks in battle is slower than a person who reacts in battle.  Reaction is a must it is a part of being successful in a fight and is the most important thing next to your skills and strengths.  There are many ways to increase your reaction ability using other people and equipment.  No one should have thoughts running through their mind it can defeat your reaction and you could get hit by something because you were not aware.

If you have a speed bag then you have a good peace of equipment that can help increase this ability.  The speed bag is the most useful thing to build your reaction because of it's fast movement it will force you to move faster.  You should combine any useful striking techniques and put them in a combination with footwork and avoiding skills like in boxing so you can get the most out of using a speed bag.  You may think that having another human around sparring with you can help your reaction better than a speed bag maybe if their fast and had a lot of energy.

If you have a tennis ball, and extra shoe strings keep them you can create something very useful.  Another way to build your reaction is to hang a tennis ball 2 or 3 feet away from a wall.  Use whatever is necessary to build this ability their might be a day where you may need it.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mind and Skills 5

If you want to be a great teacher you need to know reality and the non-reality of fighting.  Both of these must be taught so that students will know how to separate sports from street fighting.  The worst teachers in the world are the ones who teach people crap, the ones who teach people skills that don't work and are to difficult and to make things worst when their students make a mistake they don't correct it, I've seen this.  To counter this ignorance you need common since to see that what your doing is obviously not going to apply in street combat.

The reason crappy fighting is still being taught is because the unnecessary parts of each style still exists.  I can't believe no one has removed these fancy forms, attacks, and rituals yet there all a waste of time, energy, and money they should have been extent after the creation of JKD.  Another part thats unnecessary are the names of each style you don't need them you can only be called a fighter nothing else.

The great mistake a lot of teachers make is they don't teach reality, they don't teach people what usually happens in the streets when you get attacked or what can possible happen like for example they will try to teach you how to fight multiple attackers and with one person attacking them at a time in real life no one in a group will wait for one of their own to finish before they come in to attack.

A true teacher is one who keeps learning by studying the world through violent footage, and studying books, DVDs, and people and absorbing everything and sharing what they found useful.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mind and Skills 4

Bruce Lee created "Jeet Kune Do" which is the art of understanding everything useful and useless but some people think before studying it you need to have a foundation something to start out with this is only for people who don't know anything about fighting and jkd might be to difficult for them.  I recommend starting out with a art that has striking and defensive techniques not just one of the two.

I know for sure that "Krav Maga" is the best art to have as a foundation because it's all about doing whatever it takes which makes it similar to "Jeet Kune Do" meaning theirs no special forms or anything that will get in your way when the time comes for you to defend yourself in the streets.

The second best choice would be mixed martial arts but without the rules.  With this style of combat you'll gain an understanding about stand up and ground combat, how to mix all of your different attacks together and how to defend against it all this makes mma similar to jkd. 

You have to remember that you need upper and lower body techniques, striking and defensive techniques and no rules as a start before going to jkd.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mind and Skills 3

When your in a vulnerable spot in a fight you need to react not think quickly and use the quickest techniques to get yourself out of that bad position.  A vulnerable spot could be in a chair, on the ground, up against a wall or in a small area like a bathroom or some type of vehicle all you need to have is knowledge of how people will attack you no matter what position your in.  The simplest way to defend yourself is the best way no one should use the most difficult techniques like throws or take downs even trapping like in "Wing Chun" might cause you to get your arms tied up.

Being in a vehicle like a car to me is the hardest place to use self defense because it doesn't have a lot of space to move around.  The best defense in any vehicle is to simple make sure no attacker gets in it after you or is in it when you get to it.  When going to or getting out of your car give a good look around someone could be close and pull out a weapon or just try to strike you and the best thing to do is use striking and parries combined with doing whatever it takes.

Being on the ground is another dangerous spot you never want to be off your feet because you won't have much defense.  The best defense if you have someone fighting you on the ground is to do whatever it takes be as deadly as possible combined with fast continuous movement to try an get from under them and back to your feet.  If you are on your back on the ground and your opponent is standing in front of you simply keep moving and kicking their legs while trying to get up.

Doing whatever it takes simply means to do anything using no rules limitations and having no boundaries people must learn to not hold back anything that can help them and at the same time learn to relax at all times like nothing bad is happening and flow from one useful move to another just as long as it helps you.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mind and Skills 2

Kicking or leg-striking is good but not all kicks are good for you.  All kicks should come down a level all of them striking under the chest or lower never above.  There are useful kicks and useful kicks that are not for reality kicking high is no good it burns too much energy it takes too long and it's possible for your opponent to see it coming because your doing a lot just to hit them.  If you kick you have to remember it must be to the stomach, legs, groin, waist, and even the side of the arm.

Anything that goes high can give away some time to someone to take you down because your foot has a long way to come back to the ground.  Telegraphing means performing a big or a wide movement that most people will see coming like the ax-kick or any high kick even one done perfectly will still be telegraphing.  Now when it comes to being a person gifted with lightning speed like "Bruce Lee" it's different you can throw a wide punch and still land it because it travels so fast that it's blinding meaning that it's hard to see coming.

Everybody knows that speed, power, equipment, partners and skills are needed but you also need to experiment  with your kicks and build up your skills in each of them as far as they can go.  Skills just means the way you perform each move experimenting is putting everything that you have together for example mixing kicks and footwork together while practicing hitting a moving target like a force shield or thai pads using power, wearing ankle weights and kicking a heavy bag whatever you can think of that will help you increase your performance.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mind and Skills

When it comes to being a master of fighting it's not possible.  Becoming a master can never be theirs always something more to do with your fighting skills just use your imagination and practice.  To increase your skills ignore restriction and styles use all necessary techniques, ways of attack and fitness techniques and experiment with all and have partners and equipment to train with.

If you think you need a lot of moves to deal with multiple attackers your wrong.  It's possible to deal with more than one person attacking you all you need is everything useful from "boxing"and other upper body striking techniques.  The useful things are the punches, footwork, avoiding skills, parries, elbows, pushing, awareness of surroundings and continuous movement.  The reason for using only upper body moves is that kicking will cause you to pause and give away a second or two of your time to one of your attackers to get you.

Calling them fighting styles or systems is incorrect they should be called information systems or styles because fighting is already in your body it's just not in your brain.  Even do information about fighting isn't in every human beings mind a person can still attack someone if frightened or angered and hurt them witch proves that we contain it in us and it does not come from styles.

If "Bruce Lee" made "Wing Chun" popular and a lot of people learn it because of him than why is it that   "Jeet Kune Do" is less popular he created that.  In jkd you learn the true way to fight and how to have an understanding about fighting and the human body understanding what can serve you well and what will not and how to use it all to it's maximum.  While "Wing Chun" is a good style it's just like the others it will not help you in all areas in fighting.

No fighting sport is reality theirs only one place to battle in it.  In reality you need to absorb everything that's good for you and also train anywhere that's safe.  Your not always going to get attacked in one place try practicing what it would be like if you had to defend yourself in the smallest, biggest or even the strangest places you can think of.  That's real people are even crazy enough to break into your home to attack you.