Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mind and Skills 7

In jkd you should use everything in the simplest way possible following by the way your body would allow you to use techniques not the way the fighting systems tells you.   Use no way as the way this means the way to fighting is within you where it has always been not these styles which have many unnecessary movements that don't allow the individual to perform at their maximum in a fight because they have in them a fanciness that does not apply in a street situation.

Jeet kune do means the way of the intercepting fist witch to me is the greatest way of attack in jkd.  Intercepting allows you to stop an opponents attack before he or she can complete it. "Bruce Lee" combined useful techniques and ways of attack from "wing chun","boxing", kicks and footwork into intercepting giving a fighter many options when performing this on an attacker using hand moves and kicks because they will get to your attacker first.

Blackjkd is just a name, i made up for my own way of fighting, i learned a lot from studying  "jeet kune do" but it’s like a lot of people haven’t because they still believe that styles of fighting hold some type of magical something in it that can deal with everything those people fail to see the flaws in these fighting systems they fail to see that they only deal with one thing unrealistic combat. If you use styles you should be in a sport were they will work.

Some practitioners in "jeet kune do" think sparring in a dojo or in a gym practicing mixed martial arts is the way you do it it's not you must leave those places because attackers will try to get you anywhere and harm you an anyway with anything so we need to learn to defend against all things violent no matter the situation.   People who have styles are the same they don’t practice fighting the real way they fight in tournaments against other fighters of the same style with rules on a mat in front of many viewers and cameras in real combat anything goes.

In "Jeet Kune Do" you learn the art of understanding knowing your body and how you perform so that you learn the truth in fighting.  With fighting styles no person will learn true fighting they will only learn limitations,fancy movements and no understanding of the true abilities that they or any other person  possesses because they're focusing on just the few exercises,techniques and skills that each style gives which also include no reality.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Headlock Technique

A headlock is never good for anybody to use from the front or the back because your always open for strikes. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

True Human Fighter

A person has to be their selfs you cannot be someone else because your lying to yourself your acting and that's not going to help anyone with their fighting skills or strengths.  "Jeet Kune Do" is the art of self-expression not doing what "Bruce Lee" did in the movies.  What "Bruce Lee" did in the movies is not what he would do in real life.

In reality what "Bruce Lee" did was absorb everything he found to be useful in the streets against any opponent regardless of their size, strengths, and skills.  It's all about what you can perform as a individual you search your body to find out if theirs another level to your skills.