Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mind and Skills 3

When your in a vulnerable spot in a fight you need to react not think quickly and use the quickest techniques to get yourself out of that bad position.  A vulnerable spot could be in a chair, on the ground, up against a wall or in a small area like a bathroom or some type of vehicle all you need to have is knowledge of how people will attack you no matter what position your in.  The simplest way to defend yourself is the best way no one should use the most difficult techniques like throws or take downs even trapping like in "Wing Chun" might cause you to get your arms tied up.

Being in a vehicle like a car to me is the hardest place to use self defense because it doesn't have a lot of space to move around.  The best defense in any vehicle is to simple make sure no attacker gets in it after you or is in it when you get to it.  When going to or getting out of your car give a good look around someone could be close and pull out a weapon or just try to strike you and the best thing to do is use striking and parries combined with doing whatever it takes.

Being on the ground is another dangerous spot you never want to be off your feet because you won't have much defense.  The best defense if you have someone fighting you on the ground is to do whatever it takes be as deadly as possible combined with fast continuous movement to try an get from under them and back to your feet.  If you are on your back on the ground and your opponent is standing in front of you simply keep moving and kicking their legs while trying to get up.

Doing whatever it takes simply means to do anything using no rules limitations and having no boundaries people must learn to not hold back anything that can help them and at the same time learn to relax at all times like nothing bad is happening and flow from one useful move to another just as long as it helps you.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mind and Skills 2

Kicking or leg-striking is good but not all kicks are good for you.  All kicks should come down a level all of them striking under the chest or lower never above.  There are useful kicks and useful kicks that are not for reality kicking high is no good it burns too much energy it takes too long and it's possible for your opponent to see it coming because your doing a lot just to hit them.  If you kick you have to remember it must be to the stomach, legs, groin, waist, and even the side of the arm.

Anything that goes high can give away some time to someone to take you down because your foot has a long way to come back to the ground.  Telegraphing means performing a big or a wide movement that most people will see coming like the ax-kick or any high kick even one done perfectly will still be telegraphing.  Now when it comes to being a person gifted with lightning speed like "Bruce Lee" it's different you can throw a wide punch and still land it because it travels so fast that it's blinding meaning that it's hard to see coming.

Everybody knows that speed, power, equipment, partners and skills are needed but you also need to experiment  with your kicks and build up your skills in each of them as far as they can go.  Skills just means the way you perform each move experimenting is putting everything that you have together for example mixing kicks and footwork together while practicing hitting a moving target like a force shield or thai pads using power, wearing ankle weights and kicking a heavy bag whatever you can think of that will help you increase your performance.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mind and Skills

When it comes to being a master of fighting it's not possible.  Becoming a master can never be theirs always something more to do with your fighting skills just use your imagination and practice.  To increase your skills ignore restriction and styles use all necessary techniques, ways of attack and fitness techniques and experiment with all and have partners and equipment to train with.

If you think you need a lot of moves to deal with multiple attackers your wrong.  It's possible to deal with more than one person attacking you all you need is everything useful from "boxing"and other upper body striking techniques.  The useful things are the punches, footwork, avoiding skills, parries, elbows, pushing, awareness of surroundings and continuous movement.  The reason for using only upper body moves is that kicking will cause you to pause and give away a second or two of your time to one of your attackers to get you.

Calling them fighting styles or systems is incorrect they should be called information systems or styles because fighting is already in your body it's just not in your brain.  Even do information about fighting isn't in every human beings mind a person can still attack someone if frightened or angered and hurt them witch proves that we contain it in us and it does not come from styles.

If "Bruce Lee" made "Wing Chun" popular and a lot of people learn it because of him than why is it that   "Jeet Kune Do" is less popular he created that.  In jkd you learn the true way to fight and how to have an understanding about fighting and the human body understanding what can serve you well and what will not and how to use it all to it's maximum.  While "Wing Chun" is a good style it's just like the others it will not help you in all areas in fighting.

No fighting sport is reality theirs only one place to battle in it.  In reality you need to absorb everything that's good for you and also train anywhere that's safe.  Your not always going to get attacked in one place try practicing what it would be like if you had to defend yourself in the smallest, biggest or even the strangest places you can think of.  That's real people are even crazy enough to break into your home to attack you.