Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mind and Skills 2

Kicking or leg-striking is good but not all kicks are good for you.  All kicks should come down a level all of them striking under the chest or lower never above.  There are useful kicks and useful kicks that are not for reality kicking high is no good it burns too much energy it takes too long and it's possible for your opponent to see it coming because your doing a lot just to hit them.  If you kick you have to remember it must be to the stomach, legs, groin, waist, and even the side of the arm.

Anything that goes high can give away some time to someone to take you down because your foot has a long way to come back to the ground.  Telegraphing means performing a big or a wide movement that most people will see coming like the ax-kick or any high kick even one done perfectly will still be telegraphing.  Now when it comes to being a person gifted with lightning speed like "Bruce Lee" it's different you can throw a wide punch and still land it because it travels so fast that it's blinding meaning that it's hard to see coming.

Everybody knows that speed, power, equipment, partners and skills are needed but you also need to experiment  with your kicks and build up your skills in each of them as far as they can go.  Skills just means the way you perform each move experimenting is putting everything that you have together for example mixing kicks and footwork together while practicing hitting a moving target like a force shield or thai pads using power, wearing ankle weights and kicking a heavy bag whatever you can think of that will help you increase your performance.

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