Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Open hand to the neck

This technique can only be used against the neck because it's a open hand attack`with the side of your hand.  To start you first bring your open hand up to the side of your shoulder then bring palm down while bringing hand sideways and your hand should be face down just before striking the neck.  Imagine someone next to you sitting and they throw a punch and you block it with your horizontal forearm that's next to the side of your head then perform the technique.

Another way to deliver a open hand strike to the neck is to have your flat hand facing palm up on the way to your target.  

Monday, May 21, 2012

Jeet Kune Do: Fitness #4: Upper Body

With this set, i usually practice random fist and open hand techniques but you can also practice trapping, throws and sweeps.

Face up leg raises: First lay down on your back with your body straight, put your hands flat under your butt then raise your legs up then bring them back down with feet together don't forget to exhale. This is for the waist.

Reverse Curl: First hold a dumbbell then rest your forearm on your leg palm down then bring hand up then back down and repeat.  Your top forearm muscles should get the workout.  Exhale on the way up.

Sit-up Twist: Lay on your back knees up with your legs apart and feet still touching the floor, lift your upper body and before you get straight up turn your upper body either left or right then come back down and repeat.  Exhale on the way up. This is for your ads.

Forearm Twist: Rest forearm on leg while holding a dumbbell, twist forearm left........

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Jeet Kune do: Fitness #3: Upper Body

With this set, i practice all punches.

Arm stretch: You bring your arm straight across your chest then your other in front of your arm straight up behind the elbow and pull a little.

Palm forearm stretch: Put your arm straight out forward, hand vertical then pull your hand back to stretch bottom forearm muscles.

Waist Turning: This is done by standing and turning your waist left and right to loosen it up.

Palm up lift: Rest your forearm on your leg while sitting, palm up and hold a dumbbell bringing your hand up and down.

Romain Chair: With this you can hold onto a pull up bar and raise your knees up to your chest back down and repeat, this should work your waist.

Knee Drawing: With this you simply lay down on your back with hands behind your head, lift one knee to your chest then bring.........

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jeet Kune do: Fitness #2: Lower Body

With this set of exercises, i usually practice sidekicks.  Always remember to start slow then speed up with any exercise.

Groin Stretch: First you sit and put the bottom of your feet together bring them closer to you and push your legs down by the knees.

Side leg raise: First you get on your knees and raise your leg up to the side then bring it back down and repeat.  Your leg should still be bent when lifted.

Jumping Sqauts: This is done like sqauts but instead of just coming up and going back down you......

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Jeet Kune do: Fitness #1: Lower Body

Here's the first set of exercises, i use. This is the first of two lower body exercises that, i use to condition myself to practice kicks. I usually practice round-house and straight-kicks. I have a set of exercises for each day of the week.

Jump rope: You know how this is done...i know it's for cardio which is burning fat but, i believe it also helps your balance.

Bend over stretch: This is done by keeping your legs straight and bending at the waist and exhale a little on your way down.

Cat stretch: While your still in the bend over position bring your hands forward in front of your feet touching the floor then bring your jaw to your chest your legs and feet should still be in the same positions.  After doing that for a few seconds come down into a push up position, rest your legs, push up and stay their then bend your back a little then bring your head back looking up.

Jumping jacks: All you need to do is bring your feet together then give a small hop to separate them then another one to bring them back and repeat.  When your feet separate your hands come out from the side and up over your........

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Head Strike Defense

The defense is done by leaning your upper body backwards while sliding your rear foot back so you will not fall.  You perform this with speed bringing both your upper body and rear foot back at the same time.  This is done when the target is your head.  You should also try this by taking a quick step or two backwards. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Chance to Exercise

Walking: Whenever your in a building and you have some time take the stairs instead of the elevator.  When you get to a place by vehicle park somewhere that will allow you to have close to a minute walk.

Balance: Whenever your at home and your doing something like using the mirror, putting on close or washing something stand on one foot while doing that.

Awareness: If your at home with nothing to do and you don't want to exercise to hard practice countering techniques from an imaginary attacker.  You must do this while sitting, standing or lying down. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sidestep Counter-attack 2

This counter comes against the same forward attack the rear-right-jab you may say, i've done this already but one technique can have many defenses against it.  Once again you sidestep to the left with left foot taking a small step then the right follows immediately with a quick slide.  After doing this you deliver a rear-hook punch to the jaw then use left leg and deliver a toe-kick to groin.


Counter attack