Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jeet Kune do: Fitness #1: Lower Body

Here's the first set of exercises, i use. This is the first of two lower body exercises that, i use to condition myself to practice kicks. I usually practice round-house and straight-kicks. I have a set of exercises for each day of the week.

Jump rope: You know how this is done...i know it's for cardio which is burning fat but, i believe it also helps your balance.

Bend over stretch: This is done by keeping your legs straight and bending at the waist and exhale a little on your way down.

Cat stretch: While your still in the bend over position bring your hands forward in front of your feet touching the floor then bring your jaw to your chest your legs and feet should still be in the same positions.  After doing that for a few seconds come down into a push up position, rest your legs, push up and stay their then bend your back a little then bring your head back looking up.

Jumping jacks: All you need to do is bring your feet together then give a small hop to separate them then another one to bring them back and repeat.  When your feet separate your hands come out from the side and up over your........

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