Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mind and Skills 6

A person that thinks in battle is slower than a person who reacts in battle.  Reaction is a must it is a part of being successful in a fight and is the most important thing next to your skills and strengths.  There are many ways to increase your reaction ability using other people and equipment.  No one should have thoughts running through their mind it can defeat your reaction and you could get hit by something because you were not aware.

If you have a speed bag then you have a good peace of equipment that can help increase this ability.  The speed bag is the most useful thing to build your reaction because of it's fast movement it will force you to move faster.  You should combine any useful striking techniques and put them in a combination with footwork and avoiding skills like in boxing so you can get the most out of using a speed bag.  You may think that having another human around sparring with you can help your reaction better than a speed bag maybe if their fast and had a lot of energy.

If you have a tennis ball, and extra shoe strings keep them you can create something very useful.  Another way to build your reaction is to hang a tennis ball 2 or 3 feet away from a wall.  Use whatever is necessary to build this ability their might be a day where you may need it.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mind and Skills 5

If you want to be a great teacher you need to know reality and the non-reality of fighting.  Both of these must be taught so that students will know how to separate sports from street fighting.  The worst teachers in the world are the ones who teach people crap, the ones who teach people skills that don't work and are to difficult and to make things worst when their students make a mistake they don't correct it, I've seen this.  To counter this ignorance you need common since to see that what your doing is obviously not going to apply in street combat.

The reason crappy fighting is still being taught is because the unnecessary parts of each style still exists.  I can't believe no one has removed these fancy forms, attacks, and rituals yet there all a waste of time, energy, and money they should have been extent after the creation of JKD.  Another part thats unnecessary are the names of each style you don't need them you can only be called a fighter nothing else.

The great mistake a lot of teachers make is they don't teach reality, they don't teach people what usually happens in the streets when you get attacked or what can possible happen like for example they will try to teach you how to fight multiple attackers and with one person attacking them at a time in real life no one in a group will wait for one of their own to finish before they come in to attack.

A true teacher is one who keeps learning by studying the world through violent footage, and studying books, DVDs, and people and absorbing everything and sharing what they found useful.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mind and Skills 4

Bruce Lee created "Jeet Kune Do" which is the art of understanding everything useful and useless but some people think before studying it you need to have a foundation something to start out with this is only for people who don't know anything about fighting and jkd might be to difficult for them.  I recommend starting out with a art that has striking and defensive techniques not just one of the two.

I know for sure that "Krav Maga" is the best art to have as a foundation because it's all about doing whatever it takes which makes it similar to "Jeet Kune Do" meaning theirs no special forms or anything that will get in your way when the time comes for you to defend yourself in the streets.

The second best choice would be mixed martial arts but without the rules.  With this style of combat you'll gain an understanding about stand up and ground combat, how to mix all of your different attacks together and how to defend against it all this makes mma similar to jkd. 

You have to remember that you need upper and lower body techniques, striking and defensive techniques and no rules as a start before going to jkd.