Monday, February 7, 2011

Mind and Skills 4

Bruce Lee created "Jeet Kune Do" which is the art of understanding everything useful and useless but some people think before studying it you need to have a foundation something to start out with this is only for people who don't know anything about fighting and jkd might be to difficult for them.  I recommend starting out with a art that has striking and defensive techniques not just one of the two.

I know for sure that "Krav Maga" is the best art to have as a foundation because it's all about doing whatever it takes which makes it similar to "Jeet Kune Do" meaning theirs no special forms or anything that will get in your way when the time comes for you to defend yourself in the streets.

The second best choice would be mixed martial arts but without the rules.  With this style of combat you'll gain an understanding about stand up and ground combat, how to mix all of your different attacks together and how to defend against it all this makes mma similar to jkd. 

You have to remember that you need upper and lower body techniques, striking and defensive techniques and no rules as a start before going to jkd.

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