Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sidestep Counter-attack 1

Sidestepping is a useful skill when someone attacks by moving straight forward towards you.  This first counter happens when a rear-right-jab comes sidestep it to your left and deliver a rear-left-jab to the jaw.


Counter attack

Monday, April 23, 2012

Jab Defense 2

This defense is a quick one you simply bring your open hand straight up going either left or right slapping your attackers fist off it's target.  If your sitting and the punch comes from the side you can bring hand up from a face down position and backhand the punch.  It's also good to move your head in the opposite direction when you knock the fist aside for example your left hand goes right your head then goes left.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Jab Defense 1

This first defense is done by doing what, i call a side-lean which is done by leaning your upper-body to either side using speed.  Whatever side you lean towards that hand should come to the other side of your jaw or to the front to protect.  To avoid the punch perfectly practice the move while the attackers arm is still bent when he throws.  I believe it's best to lean towards the shoulder of the punch so you won't get hit by the other hand so go to the outside which is the side of the shoulder.

One thing you can do is combine this defense with a sidestep to further get to the outside just to be safe. Both moves must be done at the same time to save time.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hook Punch Defense 2

This defense works by bringing your forearm horizontal to the side of your face covering your cheek but not touching your head because power may still come through your arm.


The Street-Fighting Stance

The first thing is turn your head left or right, bring rear fist up to the side of your jaw with other in front of your jaw and coming from the side of your shoulder.  The fist in front should be moving back and forward a little to be ready to strike.  Bring head down a little so it can be covered by your fist.

The next thing is your legs, they should be slightly bent with one foot in front of the other.  The front foot should be somewhere under your front arm and other somewhere under your rear.  The rear foot is pointing sideways and front is forward, both of them hopping a little off the floor one foot at a time so that you won't be flat footed and you'll be ready to move on them.

This is the position you want to be in when you practice striking or footwork.  This form is the truth, it does not come from any style and any or all techniques can work easily from there.  

Hook Punch Defense 1

This first defense is done by ducking down in a circular form which will cause the punch to fly over your upper back.  You perform this by first bringing the head down at the same time as your torso and making a circular movement and coming back to where you started.  When you duck down under the hook you can possibly catch a knee-strike so when you duck cover your face with your forearms.  It's also good to use the defense while stepping back because the attacker may throw more punches.


Bear-hug Defense 3

The first defense comes when your grabbed from the back you want to shoot your elbow straight back and let your waist move at the same time for full power.  When grabbed from the side deliver a hard sideways elbow which should strike your attacker in the stomach.  Your forearm should come past your stomach to perform this elbow.

All elbow-strikes must come immediately when arms come around you so you won't get trapped.