Monday, May 21, 2012

Jeet Kune Do: Fitness #4: Upper Body

With this set, i usually practice random fist and open hand techniques but you can also practice trapping, throws and sweeps.

Face up leg raises: First lay down on your back with your body straight, put your hands flat under your butt then raise your legs up then bring them back down with feet together don't forget to exhale. This is for the waist.

Reverse Curl: First hold a dumbbell then rest your forearm on your leg palm down then bring hand up then back down and repeat.  Your top forearm muscles should get the workout.  Exhale on the way up.

Sit-up Twist: Lay on your back knees up with your legs apart and feet still touching the floor, lift your upper body and before you get straight up turn your upper body either left or right then come back down and repeat.  Exhale on the way up. This is for your ads.

Forearm Twist: Rest forearm on leg while holding a dumbbell, twist forearm left........

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