Friday, May 18, 2012

Jeet Kune do: Fitness #3: Upper Body

With this set, i practice all punches.

Arm stretch: You bring your arm straight across your chest then your other in front of your arm straight up behind the elbow and pull a little.

Palm forearm stretch: Put your arm straight out forward, hand vertical then pull your hand back to stretch bottom forearm muscles.

Waist Turning: This is done by standing and turning your waist left and right to loosen it up.

Palm up lift: Rest your forearm on your leg while sitting, palm up and hold a dumbbell bringing your hand up and down.

Romain Chair: With this you can hold onto a pull up bar and raise your knees up to your chest back down and repeat, this should work your waist.

Knee Drawing: With this you simply lay down on your back with hands behind your head, lift one knee to your chest then bring.........

See the rest here in my tumblr blog.

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