Friday, July 1, 2011

Mind and Skills 8

Imi Lichtenfeld is the second true fighter who was also a founder like "Bruce Lee" to create a realistic way of fighting that deals with everything which to me makes them both geniuses.  "Krav Maga" and "Jeet Kune Do" are similar to each other they both follow by the truth in fighting meaning their are no rules allowing a human being freedom to do whatever it takes when dealing with attackers.  There is no need to create anymore styles theirs enough nonsense in the ones we have now.

Nobody should attempt mixed martial arts or any grappling attacks in the streets it's too dangerous most people will not follow by rules and it is best to try an stay on your feet to defend yourself.  It is best to let the attacker come at you with the grappling offense and you use any means necessary to stop him.  Practicing traditional grappling is not completely useless you will build up your strength and skills and have a understanding on how to deal with someone with traditional skills.

A wing chun dummy being used the traditional way is good but the JKD way is much more realistic.  When using this peace of equipment you want to treat it like it's a human and counter-attack it's limbs as if it were attacking you.  There are multiple techniques you can apply to your trapping skills which are any techniques that flow together from your hands to your feet just as long as their moves that can be use on the dummy.

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