Saturday, July 16, 2011

The JKD Way Of Using The "Wing Chun" Dummy

The JKD way of using this is to find out all or most of what you can do with this to build up your striking and trapping skills without traditional ways.  You need to imagine it as an attacker and trap and strike it from any possible positions.  Practice attacking it from a squatting, sitting, or standing position from the left, right or front of the dummy.

Practice intercepting with footwork, trapping, striking, and combination or single attacks that flow together or you can exit somewhere then attack it.  You can even practice trapping a training partner then turning around to counter attack the dummy as if it were trying to strike you.  Remember to absorb what you think is useful from any style and not just use anything from it.


  1. I have been contemplating to build myself one of these. The punching bag only offers so much when it comes to angles and the dummy works wonders for hand speed.

  2. nice blog. im currently training muay thai and kung fu while my god brother does jkd. its always fun to train together and talk about fitness and combat theories. following!