Friday, March 30, 2012

Bear-hug Defense 2

The first defense is a simple back-kick to the shin or knee, once the grab happens from the back you lift a foot up and give a hard kick.  The second is a stomp-kick to the lowest part of the shin right over the opening of the shoe. A stomp-kick to the toe of the shoe can possibly work but it's risky the shoe may have enough cushion to absorb the blow.

When grabbed from the side you can deliver a stomp or front-stomp-kick to the leg in front of you hitting the knee or shin. If your grabbed from the front immediately use the stomp to the shin, knee to the thigh or hard knee to the groin.  If your picked up you can still try the stomp or knee strike.  Try to put up to 2 defenses in a combination and practice against anyone of any size.

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