Friday, January 27, 2012

Triangle Choke Defense

There are three street-fighting ways to defend against this technique when your caught in it and the first is to bite the thigh because your head will be stuck between his legs.  The second defense is punches to the groin a lot of people when caught in it get their head and one arm stuck but you still have one free hand.  The third is to throw some hard knees and combine them with hard punches.  The greatest defense, i learned from Bruce Lee is to be aware to avoid being harmed in the first place.

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  1. Additionally, stacking your assailant on his head while digging a free knee into his tailbone as you posture up will buy you time to either inch your arm out of his grip or to spike him against the ground right on the top of his head. I would agree, though, that once fully and properly applied, a triangle is hard to work your way out of, so it's important to cultivate a sensitivity to recognize the danger of being caught in one and taking preemptive measures to keep the move from being completed.

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